Awards In Nigeria : The Headies.

Awards in Nigeria go back as far as……., and have advanced to this present age, some that started back then are no longer in existence, some are still strong, maybe, while some are new to the game of awarding. But that’s not where I’m heading to, I want to share my own view about our Nigerian awards, so today I will be focusing on one of the popular and notable award body, ‘The Headies’, formerly known as the hiphop world awards and nicknamed Nigeria’s Grammys. No doubt ‘The Headies’ is one of biggest awards right now in Nigeria, the headies stage has played host to several international acts and that has been great, but my major focus and concern is the standard, can the headies measure up to the standard of certain international awards? I ask myself, as the years go by I would say honestly that I’m not pleased with what I see in the headies, I feel they are slacking and not putting in their best. If you doubt me, compare the headies of last four years to last year’s own, yes a lot of things have been changed, but that doesn’t still beat the fact that last year’s award ceremony was in my own words ‘wack’, yes I said it, it was wack. Okay let’s take a look at the nominations, it seemed like where amateurs where organising an award, the nomination was a shabby one, putting people where they weren’t supposed to be which was so unprofessional.
Secondly, the stage, yes, the stage, the stage was a big disappointment, what happened to the cliché stage setting, well if you didn’t see it, it was literally a runway for fashion shows very disappointing isn’t it?
Thirdly the performances during the award ceremony were wack, well let me blame it on the stage, which wasn’t spacious enough for the artistes to do their thing, and I can’t believe that those artistes rehearsed, no I don’t, it just seemed like they were called up that moment to perform, it wasn’t good at all.
Lastly the sound and video quality for those of us watching it live on tv was poor, it was so poor that I didn’t enjoy the show, call that salt added to an injury, upon the fact that the ceremony was so unprofessional they decided to top it up with bad transmission. So if I were to rate the award out of ten, I would give it three out of ten, so please feel free to drop your ratings, comments and opinions about the headies.That’s all I have to pour out, please I’m not slandering anyone, I’m just passing a message across to those who it may concern.


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