The song on top your matter by Nigerian hit-maker Ayodeji ‘’Wizkid’’ Balogun which has been making waves in the Nigerian music populace is one which was on the lips of every average Nigerian. The video which is the latest of the singers’ collection of videos was directed by one of Nigerians best; Sesan.

Well this post is not about Wizkid or Sesan it’s about my candid view on the video, hearing views from friends and facebookers and tweeps and it has been satisfactory… some do love and most do hate.

Here is mine

Well I have no right to put this video on a scale because I am not the populace, I am just one blogger.

But if I was to rate it, it would get a round figure of 30%! Harsh should be the word you would say but here are my reasons;

  1. The Girlfriends Wave


Please help me look at this scenario, your boyfriend comes out of his crib and all you could is to wave “hi” to him and then go sit down like he is that normal dude you see each day you pass his porch, even if they hugged later on (the Christian brotherly Sisterly kind of hug) I still think this is a bad idea. I think the idea painted is like a friendship thing which isn’t supposed to be…WHOSEWITH ME?!

  1. The Unnecessary Video Model


This one model that could be seen dancing from the veranda to the strolling scene would have changed the idea of the whole song if the “fake” wedding scene didn’t salvage it. Correct me if I am wrong but the idea I see behind the audio is like a love story and not a type of song that would have sponsored this kind of act. If I saw this in Flavour’s ada ada then am not sure the video would have gone as far as last year took it to.


  1. The Bicycle stunts man



Hmmm… Can you all see this bicycle stunts man at totally different scenes of the video? He was first seen when both couples were chilling in front of Wizkid’s house before his scene of bicycle stunting was introduced. Wizkid hasn’t changed clothes then! I would say it was an overlooked or should I use the word allowed mistake, dying to hear what you all think.



  1. The Brides Deceased Parents Picture 


Come on! I have two theories to this picture 1.Photoshop 2.Wood covered Ipad or tab.

Because think of it peeps the picture is too blank to be real, who will want to create a picture of their dead parents and would balm it all up with wood or something like that and would plainly write in loving memory in black bold letters. Even if she had a fight with them before they died she wouldn’t do that, and I presume girls are stylish…sorry she is stylish from the looks of her wedding gown and her jimmy choo, you wouldn’t think this could be her choice frame for her deceased parents!. And again for both parents to die at the same time that must be an airplane accident because death of both parents isn’t that rampant at this part of the world, but airplane crashes are!


  1. The Wedding Scenes


A wedding without an officiating minister…wow…

From what I see here I think the wedding is a Christian marriage taking from her gown and bouquet, even if it was a court marriage or Islam or even Hindu marriage there would have been an officiating minister, that’s why I called it a fake wedding earlier. I don’t know why they now had Chinese suspended lamps, maybe trying to mourn the girls’ deceased parents, I think the lamps were thought to be romantic but everything in this life serves a purpose. Please tell me which kind of wedding this is, I am dying to know.

And according to what I see I think Wizkid was his best man, his babe would have been her chief brides maid, she dressed in a white gown too like it was going to be a double marriage without a pastor, that would’ve been a marriage felony! But she could be seen sitting in the front row to fill up space, coming up soon in 5,4,3,2,1…


You all did countdown for this…his girlfriend is the 8th person in the front row… try pausing it on your various phones or on YouTube…

This wedding has an attendance of eight persons only, So Fake! Maybe other attendees are hiding behind the camera. The spotlight is kind of too bright for their snug faces… Though some people prefer to have some kind of private wedding stuff only friends and family, but they don’t still omit officiating ministers.



6. Reception Attendance


I can’t complain much in this reception than what I said in the churches excuse of a wedding, this time the other 5 people in the church decided to join those behind the camera, I think the behind the scenes of this video will have more smiling and dancing people than what I streamed.

The great man behind the audio del’b was in this scene facing the camera but looking away, I would have done the same if I was invited to a reception of wine glass cups on tables without wines. Ooh and you guys should help me count the different scenes of Mr del’b sitting and standing up I lost count, if that was in real time then that great man didn’t only contribute to the audio immensely!



7. Wizkid’s Shoe…or Should I Say Footwear.


You know I showed a couple of my friends this picture and I asked this question, please which type of footwear is this? I got the same answer from all of them…HIGH-TOPS!

I am not inclined to fashion; neither are the “conurbations” of my friend base. But if you are out there and you know that this is not one of the trendy HIGHTOPS all around the world please contact us, I will like to hear a different view. So I go with high-tops, the brand… I cannot tell!

So how compatible is it for a being living under the same earth as various fashion designers worldwide wear a designer suit with black tie then black shiny high-tops. During a video, I think some sets of people take care of their wardrobe those are the sets of people that needs a free scholarship training program to maybe Mozambique or Uganda to learn fashion designing for dummies vol1.   This isn’t lovely believe me!



So there you have it my candid view on the on top your matter video, to MR.Sesan; big ups for making this video a reality and to Wizkid; big ups for bringing another hit.

I am a fan of what works that’s why I criticize. To all various artistes out there keep your head in the game cause the day your heads out, I’d love to broadcast the breaking news…#WINKS



Hope it was fun reading my post, Thank you…and thanks in advance for those you will still read. You can check out other ones here!

And just holla through our Contact Us page so I can get your own candid view.

In case you like my posts please help drag your friends here and leave a comment when you are done dragging them, and if you hate my post or you think I am not worth reading, well… let’s see how criticizing a critic works out… lol… GOODDAY!











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