If you like d’prince OYO single cover you’d love this

image                                                                                                                                Ok I was on twitter ‘jejely’ twitting away then I saw this post from DonBabaJay himself…Yayy! #newsong…Guess the first thing that came to my mind?…ok u can’t guess the first thing was OYO then the nowadays Don Jazzy custom cursive writing then I looked up and was like damn! Who is this fresh scavenger…it was a descriptive picture of someone really on his own. Now lets look at the if’s

if he was 

a beggar- freshest beggar I’ve ever seen

homeless-nice foot wares! U can walk ur way out.

refugee-the pic is too fresh to be looking for aid…if I was UNICEF I’d send you our bank account

Ok I’ve run out of ‘if’s’ you can help me get more it’s on twitter #OYOif’s…anyways I love the photo…twitt chicks would have started pic mixing it with theirs maybe the Ghana must go untop their heads if it was K.bello, ok they’ll love it tho, the song?… BIGUPs MAVIN