Its quite alarming the extent at which this virus has spread in the Nigerian entertainment industry,the music industry to be precise. I guess gone are the days when artist struggle in the music industry to make good music, all we see today are artists struggling in the music industry for the sole aim of materialistic acquirement. these days, even the so called “upcoming artist” or new artists as most of them would rather be called go about social media displaying material possessions which of course get you wondering if they actually own it, but then you stop and wonder how they came about it.Gone are the days most artists would prefer the lowkey kind of life but the new trend portrayed these days is flaunt it so far you got it and once they do, the social media is there to help them advertise it, with the help of tv shows, blogs, social websites the news is bound to spread. Just quick questions to everyone who helps in promoting such

  1. Have you sat down to think of the effects on the minds reading it, those stuggling day in day out to make ends meet, youths struggling to make ends meet, or the young minds out there reading your various posts? how does this “motivate” them
  2. Before you advertise the newly acquired car, mansions, endorsement deals, have you properly investigated?
  3. Have you stopped to wonder why the various multimillionaires, business tycoons and music legends who actually control these wealth hardly show off?
  4. Before you advertise on behalf of these artists, have you questioned the source of such an artist’s wealth?


These days, you find Nigerian celebrities who earn peanuts (compared to their foreign counterparts) making more noise about what they have. Here are some questions for you before you decide to show off next time.

  1. what impact and impression do you hope to make on upcoming artists? Encouraging them to make good music? or simply advising them to go into music for money even if they have to do illegal business???
  2. Ever thought of humble musical acts such as Dare-art Alade, Mr BankyW, Don jazzy, 2face, Olamide, Iceprince, Mi etc and how their humility has kept them relevant in the music industry both home and away despite the test of time?
  3. Should oppressing you fan base be the proper  “thank you” or so called “motivation” they get?


Funny thing is, most artists involved in this forget so soon the struggle and humility they put up before their acclaimed stardom. We have heard stories of some of them sleeping in studios, kneeling before music producers and hustling hard just to get signed by a record label.My advise to both celebrities engaging in this act is to focus more on their career and put aside cheap show off. Popularity and domination fades off eventually and when it does all you have left are the brilliant works left behind.Wealth might keep you in the industry for a while, even your talent might but it takes more than the two to stay relevant in any entertainment industry.

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